2021 Social Media Trends

Constantly confused/overwhelmed by the changes social media platforms make on a monthly (sometimes weekly or even daily) basis? Don't worry, you're not alone.

To kick off the new year being as informed as possible on the newest trends, I compiled a few trends/tools for you to master to help your business succeed on social media this year.

Think of Instagram as a search engine and utilizing their new search-friendly capabilities.

As a marketer, I can say I've been dreaming of this moment for some time now. Last year, Instagram announced that it would introduce a new search function that would allow you to search relevant posts, profiles, videos, and reels using the search bar and without the use of a hashtag.

This is going to increase reach opportunities for brands if you optimize your profile correctly.

Tips for optimization:

  1. Make sure your captions include relevant keywords to your niche to make sure you show up in search results.

  2. Choose two or three keywords and center your content around those words.

  3. Add keywords to your Instagram bio/username.

Jump on the Instagram tools train.

Instagram's algorithm is rewarding accounts who use their in-platform tools. Try adding Reels (15 or 30 second long videos that are permanent unlike Instagram Stories that disappear in 24 hours) to your strategy and using Instagram Questions, Polls, etc. in your Instagram Stories.

Encourage your audience to save and share your post.

When writing your Instagram captions, add in a CTA (call-to-action) for followers to save your post (using the bookmark) or share your post to their Instagram stories. This will help with organic reach and will boost your post in the algorithm.

If you are a brick and mortar, try out online shopping through Instagram.

We know this is tricky with rules and regulations surrounding our industry, but try out Instagram shopping if possible. The shift to shopping online, fueled by the upgrades to e-commerce and the pandemic, has become a major focal point of trends for 2021. My motto is always "meet your audience where they are" and if they are shopping online, you should meet them there.

We went into depth about a few of these trends in the latest episode of our podcast, Puff Piece. You can listen here.

I know this is a lot of information and it can seem overwhelming if marketing/digital strategy isn't your forte but if you can apply a few trends to your strategy, you could see major growth in 2021.

As always, reach out if you have questions!