Advocacy Still Matters -- And Works

It seems like a lifetime ago that we were this close to seeing a cannabis legalization bill introduced in the Minnesota House of Representatives. Unfortunately, it was not to be. Just days before it was due to be introduced, the MN Legislature had to drastically pull back and refocus on the Covid-19 outbreak.

It also seems like a lifetime ago (March 5!) that we were at the Capitol meeting with legislators about the need for hemp bills that support Minnesota's growing industry. Hemp growers, processors, retailers, and supporters turned out to advocate for hemp bills that would strengthen our industry and provide clarification and support to businesses in this space.

So, now what? It's understandable yet frustrating that progress is delayed on cannabis and hemp policy. BUT -- and this is important -- it doesn't mean that advocacy doesn't still matter and that it won't work. It just means we have to think a little differently.

On our Cannabusiness Strategy Session tomorrow, we'll tackle what it looks like to be an effective advocate with all that's going on. Leili Fatehi, principal at Blunt Strategies and campaign manager of Minnesotans for Responsible Marijuana Regulation, and Joe Radinovich, president of the MN Hemp Association, will talk about what to do next. They'll cover action that can be taken both in the short-term and in preparation for the 2021legislative session, how to pivot your advocacy, and what progress is still being made.

Although times are tough and more is still coming, there are ways to be an effective advocate, connect with a community that shares your passion, and make progress on results that matter to us all. Join us tomorrow and hear more!