Cannabis + the 2020 Election: What can you do?

For those of us in the Minnesota cannabis legalization space, the interrupted legislative session meant a halt on discussion about legalizing recreational, adult use marijuanna for Minnesotans. While Covid couldn't stop our advocacy (read more here), it did delay substantive conversations intended to happen at least at the MN House in March.

However, even if a bill had gone through all necessary committees and passed on the House floor, legalization was still a nonstarter in the MN Senate. The reality of the Senate situation makes it all the more important to look ahead to Election Day on Nov. 3. For Minnesotans to see legalized recreational cannabis, the surest path forward is for Democrats to hold the House and gain the majority in the Senate.

What can you do? Glad you asked.

  1. Volunteer! Check out the candidates running in your district (here's a handy resource) and contact their campaigns. 

  2. Check out voter guides from organizations like Sensible and MRMR (the latter is in development).

  3. Make a voting plan. Register to vote, find out where you vote in person, and request a mail-in ballot now so you're ready come Nov. 3. 

  4. Track your ballot so you are sure your voice is counted!

The 2021 MNLeg session can be a gamechanger for legalizing cannabis -- activate and advocate for the change you want to see!