CannCon2019 Highlights

This week, Finance & Commerce hosted CannCon, a one-day event covering the many aspects of the legal and (hopefully) soon-to-be-legal cannabis industry. The day featured great conversations including Minnesota's path to legalization, how to address financial and regulatory issues, real estate considerations, and workplace questions.

Our top three highlights from the day include:

  1. Leili joined Senator Jeff Hayden, Senator Melisa Franzen, and Senator Scott Jensen to talk about Minnesota's path to legalizing adult-use recreational marijuana. After a tough year trying to pass something through the MN legislature, either to legalize recreational or to improve the medical program, in 2019, the panel discussed what it will take to make real traction in 2020 and beyond. As Leili noted: “We see reform of current medical marijuana programs and legalization in Minnesota as relief for those who are currently locked into a program that simply doesn’t work.”

  2. Laura joined Majority Leader Ryan Winkler, Chris Tholkes from the Office of Medical Cannabis at the MN Dept. of Health, and others for the lunchtime "quick hits" session where she offered insight to why we need to encourage, make space for, and empower more women in weed. You can read more of her thoughts on this topic here. As she said in her presentation: "Fair banking laws, provisions for women and minority owned businesses, grant and small business programs, education opportunities – all of these things and many more are the way real action can address a real problem. Do your part and make sure your elected officials do it, too."

  3. Saving the best for last, we are SO EXCITED to share that we launched the MN Women's Cannabusiness Association yesterday while at CannCon! The MWCA is an organization connecting women entrepreneurs, executives, workers, and advocates involved in Minnesota's cannabis industry with opportunities, resources, and exposure to grow successful businesses, careers, and leadership. We are excited to get this initiative underway and invite you to learn more at the website or by contacting us.