Connecting to Customers -- Virtually

First and foremost, I hope you are healthy and safe as you read this. It's been a crazy and scary few weeks.

As we all quickly assimilate to a new way of life, we must reimagine our businesses at the same time as we reimagine our happy hours. This week, our cannabusiness strategy series session will help you do just that: effectively sell online and continue to build a customer community through a virtual presence.

Whether temporary or longer than we'd like to think possible, selling online is a great way to build your business. It doesn't matter if you're selling physical products or services -- having an effective online presence is a critical way to connect with existing and new customers.

Of course, most businesses already have an online presence -- but is it really what you need it to be? Does it tell your story and keep customers on the page? Have you given it the love and attention it needs to be engaging and compelling? Is it easy to understand what you do, how to connect, and where you can add value? Have you done the proper back-end setup to ensure search engines can find you and serve you up in results?

If you are selling products online, especially in the cannabusiness space, it's important you get off on the right foot or you could risk getting shut down entirely. Most of the popular e-commerce sites have strict rules about how you can and cannot sell and advertise cannabis products. Skipping a step can get you suspended indefinitely from an entire platform.

It's never been more important that you have a strong online presence that allows for connection and commerce. Join us this week as we talk about how to do both.