It's all about Instagram

Instagram has been a growing force in business marketing for years but in this uncertain time, utilizing this platform for your cannabiz is more important than ever.  Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has grown and changed with the times as its features have constantly and consistently "changed the game". Started as a social media platform that was photo-driven, it caught on quickly with individuals. As it grew, companies got on board and Instagram introduced more and more ways to connect and engage with a customer base, all from the same concept of being visually driven.

While features like Instagram Stories and IGTV have made it easier to showcase your business, the numerous changes to the algorithm and the complexities in marketing for our industry have made it difficult to understand how to best use the platform while staying within the rules.

Today, Instagram has 1 billion active monthly users and 25 million business profiles on its platform. It's been acquired by Facebook and integrated into its behemoth platform which brings new opportunities and new complexities, such as unified advertising, better targeting for sponsored content, and more. The intricacies and importance of each piece of Instagram's puzzle are hard to ignore. Each post and its respective engagement makes a difference in the overall success of your profile as comments, likes, shares, and views all impact your feed rating.

In our Wednesday Cannabiz Strategy Series, we'll help you make sense of Instagram, including:

  • breaking down all of the features of your Instagram profile including your bio, link in bio, how to create engaging posts

  • showing you the applications we use on a daily basis to make posts on-the-go, and more

  • sharing the resources we use to continue our Instagram education.

We know Instagram can be daunting but it can also be a lot of fun. The more personality that can be used to promote your products or service or showcase your brand, the better. We hope you'll join us on Wednesday as we go through how to set your profile up for success step-by-step.