Jumpstarting your hemp business' success

A new year means new possibilities. For many in or entering the cannabusiness space, however, it can seem pretty daunting. Between the usual pressures of starting and maintaining a business to the flux of the industry (hemp-focused in Minnesota for now but ongoing struggles for cannabusinesses across the country, such as issues created and exacerbated by the federal banking issue, continue to pose questions for all), there's a lot to know, track, and manage.

To kick off our 2020 Cannabusiness Strategy Series, we're tackling some of the biggest cannabusiness challenges head-on. On January 30, we'll host a half-day seminar focused on hemp business startup success in the retail sector. We have a line-up of speakers that speaks to the depth and breadth of what's happening in Minnesota's cannabusiness space (see them here -- and get tickets, too!) and topics will include:

  • Covering your legal, capital, and insurance bases

  • What you need to know about labeling and merchandising

  • Finding a space, building your customer community, and one day expanding

  • Marketing your business and building your brand

We hope to see you there!

Retail Seminar: Hemp Startup Success

Thursday, January 30

9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Open Book

Minneapolis, MN

Tickets available online (early bird rates available through 1/23!)

Speaker List

Josh Maslowski, Stigma Hemp

Josh Wilken-Simon, Legacy Glassworks

Zach Robins, Messerli Kramer

Jocelyn Liska, Christensen Group Insurance

Tom Norby, Brownson Norby

Erin Johnsen, Chronic Law

Tiffany Brace, Element MN

Joe Radinovich, Minnesota Hemp Association

Laura Monn Ginsburg, Leili Fatehi + Maddie Greene, Blunt Strategies