Puff Piece: Let's talk... time management.

As if we didn't have enough going on during this uncertain season, we decided to launch a quick hits podcast to discuss tips and tricks to help your cannabiz, your productivity, and your sanity.

The latest episode of Puff Piece took a look into the time management skills of Laura and Maddie and they shared a few exercises that help keep them motivated and productive while working from home. You can listen to that episode here.

One of the things both discussed was the need to break up the day, find new ways to stretch creatively, and reenergize and focus.

Laura has used writing exercises to break up writer's block and add creative time to her calendar. We thought you might enjoy the outcome of this one, particularly if you love LaCroix as much as well do at Blunt Strategies!

Covid and LaCroix – Pairing your way through the day

LaCroix is an important part of my day and I’ve been thinking a lot more about how I can embrace my quarantine existence and take a journey though sparkling water every day. Please, join me:

A lot of people recommend a hot cup of water with a lemon wedge in the morning. Instead, how about a classic lemon or lime LaCroix to start your day? Plus, that carbonation will really wake you up. I enjoy a lemon LaCroix as I fumble my way to the coffee maker.

When your caffeine intake has reached a high enough level, it’s time to ensure your voice stays crisp for your fifth Zoom of the day. If you, like me, count walking to the refrigerator as cardio, why not pick up something snappy and offbeat like passionfruit or one of the curate line (personal fave: Cerise Limon).

Lunchtime, aka when I eat a handful of Cheez-its and maybe check on my kid to make sure he’s doing his distance learning, I usually go to my all-time favorite and the all-around best flavor (fight me): Tangerine. Now, that said, sometimes you have to consider pairing your lunch delicacy. While tangerine generally goes perfectly with anything, sometimes I go with a classic like pamplemouusse or even a plain.

Mid-afternoon, when I’m getting into a slump, it’s time for something refreshing and a flavor that can stand on its own (or with the last of the Girl Scout cookies I ferreted away). Peach-pear is a go-to afternoon option for me. If I make popcorn, however, I will delve into the NiCola line and go with a la Cola. I know this is controversial, but I really believe that if you drink it ice cold, it tastes like a pop and not like a weirdly flavored approximation of pop.

Fifteen Zooms and three fights with my child later, it’s time to wrap up the day. The great news for a drained brain is that any LaCroix can make a good mixer for happy hour. If you like the coconut flavor, try the NiCola coconut cola flavor with rum. If coconut isn’t your thing, try vodka with literally any other flavor. Advanced happy hour-ing: make a sparkling sangria with berry flavor, wine, and some cut fruit.

At this point in the day I’ve typically moved on entirely to wine in a coffee mug. Sometimes I need an evening LaCroix to go with dinner, etc., and that’s when I usually come full circle and close my day with a classic Lemon because it’s all about balance.