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Succeeding in hemp, CBD, and (soon) marijuana industries requires conquering regulatory uncertainty, constantly changing markets, and the remnant stigma of working with previously banned products. To do that, you need straightforward strategic advice, hard-hitting advocacy, and unapologetic passion for the industry.

We're Blunt. We're Minnesota's first and only strategic consultancy exclusively for the cannabis industry. How do you know we're good? We're the people who made and run this, who do PR and lobbying for them, who're developing this, and who've spent the rest of their time doing these things.



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Blunt Strategies' Cannabusiness Strategy Series brings top experts, innovators, and thought leaders from industry, policy, law, and civil society to discuss the latest and most critical issues facing Minnesota's emerging hemp, CBD, and other cannabusinesses. Join us on the first and third Tuesdays of each month for a one-hour lunch (provided!) to learn, get ideas, and build relationships to help you grow.